Must Play Indies – 3#

This week, we are right on time for the 3rd update on the Must Play Indies series. It might be a crazy week yet again with the Greek Video Games event taking all of my time here in Athens, but finding a bit of time to bring you all the awesome indie games is a priority for me since I have been getting nothing but awesome feedback from my awesome readers. However, seeing how some people thought that showing 6 games was a bit too much, we will continue with 4 from here on. That way, you have some time to try them out before going to the next list.

I also got a few comments saying “why did you not include X game or Y game seeing as how they are so famous and good?” In reply to those comments, I have to say that I am making recommendations for indie games that I believe not too many people know about. Now and then I will include some more famous titles but it seems as if starting with those games would be a little bit too overdone. Everyone knows (or at least I think so) Super Meat Boy is a must have if you are an indies fun so what is the point of me mentioning it? As I said though, all in due time.

So here are some more for you!

Bulb Boy

Bulb Boy is an adventure game at heart but a super atmospheric (and weird for that matter) experience that any fan of good eerie feeling-giving games should try out. You take control of a little kid that has a bulb for a head and try to save your grandpa by going through your house that was infested by a bunch of weird shit. Both literal and metaphorical. Not gonna say more. Play it.

You can find Bulb Boy on Steam for the price of 8,99 euro.


This is my go-to multiplayer platforming shooter for when I just want to chill and have a good online shooter experience. It’s pretty simple and easy to learn but hard to master. Just like any good platformer shooter game. The unlockable boxes that contain cosmetic stuff will probably get you addicted like they got me too and you will probably want to play this with a friend or two, since what game is not 10 times more fun with a few friends to trash-talk you while they fire a snipe-shot in your face?

You can find Holodrive on Steam for the price of 9,99 euro.

Mini Metro

This game is loved by myself, my girlfriend and pretty much any person I’ve had try it out thus far. It’s the most casual and easygoing indie game I’ve ever played. It’s amazing how fun it can be to handle an entire metro system. Build bridges, connect stations as you best see fit and all other kinds of exciting things that will keep you hooked and wanting more. It sounds funny for me to say all that, but honestly, it’s one of the most simplistic and addictive indie games I’ve played. Very good sound design as well by the way that will successfully keep you relaxed the entire time.

You can find Mini Metro on Steam for the price of 9,99 euro.


This is one of those “how come you did not know of this?” games. Just like with many other indie games, you cannot NOT own this. Transistor is an action game that can also become a turn-based game if you feel like playing it that way (which is the most effective way by the way). One of the best game soundtracks to ever be created for a video game and beautiful graphics that are animated in the smoothest of ways are more than enough to get your attention and have you playing this for a long time before you get tired of it.

You can find Transistor on Steam for the price of 19,99 euro.

So that was it for the third draw of indie games you should check out. See you around next week again for some more awesome indie recommendations!

-Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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