Must Play Indies – 2#

My apologies for being a couple days late with the 2nd weekly “Must Play Indies” article, but Android: Netrunner has been getting my attention the entire weekend. My brain is like a mashed potato from all the Netrunner games I played both online and offline this past weekend but I am back on the saddle and doin’ my job again with all the awesome video games coverage. So what better way to start the week than with a list of games that you should definitely check out! As always, we’ll take a look at games from different genres, since, when it comes to indie games, it is awesome how many awesome video games you can find in different genres and not just one.

In case you haven’t checked out the 1st article of the series, you can find all the awesome recommendations here.

Let’s not waste another moment though since we got some awesome indie games to check out!

Really Big Sky

This might be my all-time favourite space shooter game. It is simple, it is pretty and it also has multiplayer. So how can you not like it? It has everything you need and a lot of replayability value because of its tons of upgrades, modes and difficulty settings. I may have spent more time than I should have playing this with an Italian friend of mine. I’ll let the trailer and the images speak for itself though.

You can find Really Big Sky on Steam for the price of 4,99 euro.

Lethal League

Team Reptile from the Netherlands may have made one of the best multiplayer indie games I may have ever played. It sounds simple to just have a bunch of characters hitting a ball around trying to hit each other with that ball, but it’s way more complicated than you’d initially imagine. The game has a very high skill cap and it requires both reflexes and good strategic thinking. Especially the team mode has a lot of things to take into consideration before hitting the ball wherever you are on the field. I recommend this game if you are looking for good multiplayer and party games as it can light up entire parties with its awesome gameplay.

You can find Lethal League on Steam for the price of 11,99 euro.

Race The Sun

This is my go-to video game when I am slacking and do not want to do something productive. You basically get a little plane that is powered by solar energy and your goal is to reach as far as possible. The only way of keeping the sun up is by getting a bunch of little solar drops on the ground. You get upgrades, you face harder challenges, there is a different map of the day every day, so what are you waiting for? Get it. Rejoice in the calmness of sliding through the beautiful procedurally generated lands of Race The Sun.

You can find Race The Sun on Steam for the price of 9,99 euro.

Aviary Attorney

This is the one visual novel I enjoyed from start till finish. It has some of the best humour I’ve seen in adventure games and it is so well made from graphics to plot design, that I just could not recommend it enough to fans of the genre. Seriously, Jayjay Falcon his friend Sparrowson are simply the best duo of characters I’ve seen in a while.

You can find Aviary Attorney on Steam for the price of 14,99 euro.


This is not only an amazing action platformer shooter game, but also a game full of good humour, amazing pixel visuals and animations and last but not least awesome humour. You basically take control of various mercenaries (each with their own unique characteristics and playstyles) and you are trying to help Bunnylord become the ruler. Lots of killing in style, replayability to the maximum with a bunch of characters and other kinds of content, and a lot of good jokes.

You can find NOT A HERO on Steam for the price of 12,99 euro.


This is yet another go-to game for relaxing. The only backdraw of it, which I’ll mention now before you get too excited, is that not too many people are playing it online. It is still very much worth getting for the single player challenges and the local multiplayer that you can play. Playing against the computer isn’t always as fun (especially if you see the difference it has to playing with another player) but Fuego! still manages to hold up to many expectations, both visually and gameplay-wise. You can also check out my review for it (in English).

You can find Fuego! on Steam for the price of 9,99 euro.

So that was it for the second draw of awesome indie games that I recommend you try out. Hope you are enjoying the indie games coverage on the blog and I promise you that I have a lot more in stock for you in the future! Some big things are cooking up…

-Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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