Must Play Indies – 1#

I figured I shouldn’t just make a list, but instead just make it a series of articles where I will mention various of my favourite games that you should try out if you are into finding little gems that will keep you company for some time. I proud myself to be an indies expert so might as well start suggesting stuff for all my friends that indie game fans and have been bugging me to make some recommendations for them. So, I figured I could make 5 to 6 recommendations in each article of this series.

This is somewhat like my revisited indies series, but better. You know, because it’s “must play” so it’s not just revisiting old titles, but telling you my favourite ones and most definitely the ones that deserve attention. Revisited was more about just remembering older indie games that people may have forgotten.

My apologies for not making this sooner, meaning that there is no Steam summer sale anymore, but nonetheless, you can follow these articles and wait for a price drop on those titles, if discount buying is your thing. I am obviously not going to be mentioning only the most “known” indie titles, so don’t worry, you’ll see some you’ve never heard of before. I will also try to recommend games that are of different genres, so that you can find something you like every time and not just stuff that are not of your taste.

Let’s move on to the games then!

Mc Pixel

One of the most fun indie games I’ve ever played. Simple, full of humour and full of content, Mc Pixel will keep you company during your break from work or something else for a good 10-15 minutes. It definitely has enough content to last you for at least two hours, but I would recommend taking it a little bit each time. You are basically this guy, called Mc Pixel, who is trying to save the world and as a player, you have to click on things in order to have them interact with the characters on screen. Amazing things happen (trust me, you’ll be surprised every time) and finding the right solution is always hard. Especially when you have to do that in a 10 seconds given time frame before the world blows up.

Pixel art, good humour and quick gameplay, you can find Mc Pixel on Steam for 3,99 euro.

Hyper Light Drifter

By far, my favourite game of all time. If you do not know why, then you should check out the review I wrote for the game. To give you the short answer as to why it is my favourite game of all time though, I will just tell you that it is a beautiful action game, packed with thrilling combat, hidden items searching and a lot of beautiful pixel art scenery that combined with great animation makes for an outstanding atmosphere in-game.   You should definitely pick it up if you are a fan of action games. The RPG elements are really easy to learn and handle so you should not have any issues with that either.

Hyper Light Drifter is available on Steam for 19,99 euro.

Rocket League

If you think this is “yet another cars game,” then you are SO wrong. This is the sport of all sports. I mean, I used to play FIFA all the time with my brother and I never really played any other sports video games, but Rocket League tops it all with the amazing feeling that it gives you as a player controlling a car hitting a damn ball. Jump, fly, wall run and crash your opponents with immense speeds in a thrilling car soccer game. It is 10 times better with friends and trust me when I say that yelling volume gets really high when you play this with friends…

Rocket League is available on Steam for 19,99.

Orion Trail

This game is so awesome, I had to play it more than 10 times in order to see at least half the stories it has in stock for players. It is like Hyper Light Drifter, without the combat but with a lot of chit chat and awesome story stuff going on. You are basically the captain of a crew in a choose-your-own-adventure kind of setting. This means you either end up super dead, or half-dead and victorious. Super fun, lots of shenanigans happen and make you feel that you really are venturing into the unknown and the content feels as if it is never-ending.

Orion Trail is available on Steam for 9,99 euro.

Pony Island

This may be one of the most messed up games I have ever played. You are basically a guy that tries to play an arcade game and ends up being trapped in the system of the game. This happens because there is a virus in the game that is more or less the devil, and it tries to consume your soul while it has you locked there. With the help of a being inside the system, you go through a series of obscure (and awesome) events trying to make it out. Gameplay is so cool and different all the time, with the progress really making you feel as if shit is really going down the more you move on, that you will most definitely love this game.

Pony Island is available on Steam for 4,99 euro.

Hover Cubes: Arena

Have you ever felt like running like crazy? Well, if you paid attention to my previous blog posts, you may already know SinaRun is a great game for getting that kind of feeling. But if you want to make it even more complicated and add a bunch of stuff that will make things 10 times more interesting, then you should play Hover Cubes: Arena. This game is by far one of the best first person speed running games I have ever played and will most definitely keep you company for quite some time. If you are into that kind of thing.

Hover Cubes: Arena is available on Steam for 14,99 euro.

That is it for now folks. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned to the blog since I will be posting one of these articles every week from here on, and trust me when I say that, I still have a LOT to recommend.

(I also made a list with my top 10 favourite indie platformers, so make sure to check that out too!)

-Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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