Mushroom Wars 2 Preview

Mushroom Wars, an RTS which originally came out for the Playstation 3 in 2009 and enjoyed quite positive reviews. The original game launched for PCs a few months ago, and now Hyper Light Up had the chance to see Mushroom Wars 2, the sequel to Mushroom Wars, in its multiplayer beta. The game is being made by Zillion Whales with publishing done by Creat Games, the company behind the original Mushroom Wars.

Although Mushroom Wars 2 will eventually have a singleplayer campaign and a more expanded multiplayer, its first beta, which took place from July 28 to July 31, only included 1vs1 multiplayer maps. While this is but a sliver of what the game has to offer, Mushroom Wars 2 already has the makings of a very good game.

Starting the beta, we choose a hero for our battle. There were four of those available, with more on the way. Each hero has four abilities that he or she can use, which are suited to that hero’s playstyle. For example, Cree, a very fancy Mushroom person with a mohawk, is more of a supportive hero, since his abilities are not agressive in nature. Instead, his abilities focus in controlling your and your enemy’s Mushroom armies, making yours invincible and transferring them around while denying passage for the enemy. On the other hand, there are other heroes that are much more desturctive. For example, one hero has a tornado ability, which can be used to devastating effect.

After we choose our hero, we quickly find ourselves on the battlemap. There, we can find three stuctures. The first of these is the house, which will continuously spawn new Mushroom people as long as we control it. The second one is the tower, which will not spawn new troops but can be used to control a crossing in the map and damage the enemy. The final one is the forge, which improves the fighting capabilities of our troops in a radius around it. We can upgrade our buildings and also switch between them, although both of these actions cost us some troops. When we begin a multiplayer battle, we usually control one or two houses, with our opponent controlling the same amount. The rest of the stuctures on the map are neutral, which means that while they can not produce more men, we need to fight for them.

Combat in the game is very simple, yet fun. To move troops, we click on one of our structures, then on the enemy’s structure we want to capture. Once we do that, the whole garisson that is in our building will march out. When our men reach the enemy structure, they will go inside and fight. Generally, the battles in the game are won thanks to numbers, but there are other factors. For example, having a forge nearby increases the capabilities of the owner’s troops. Moreover, there is a morale system in the game, which is affected by our defeats and victories. The higher our morale, the better our troops perform.

In terms of graphics, the game is extremely cute, with tiny adorable Mushroom people swarming the screen. Everything in the game is full of vibrant colors, making every battle a joy to watch. Additionaly, the animation of the characters is top notch, just like the design of ouor heroes. The game’s music and sound in general is also at a great level, with very immersive music that captures the feel of the game.

Generally, Mushroow Wars 2 is a simple game. Troops don’t clash on a battlefield, even if they meet there. They only clash inside structures. We have no choice as to how many troops move out of a building. However, despite the game’s simplicity, it firmly belongs in the category of games that are easy to learn but hard to master. It requires quick reflexes and thinking, since in many cases we only have a few seconds to react to something and there is no pausing (at least in the multiplayer that we tried). Personally, I really enjoyed the game and its simplistic approach to the RTS genre. Although Mushroom Wars 2 has a long way to go yet, I really believe that the end result will be a great and polished RTS game.

-Philip “Snowchill” Alexandris

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