Modsork at Gamescom 2016

During Gamescom 2016, we found Cinnoman Games at the Indie Arena Booth where the developer was showcasing his game, Modsork. We spoke to David Canela and he shared with us information about the game and its development.

The game makes use of two dots (blue and orange) that roam around and are controlled by the thumbsticks on the gamepad. “It’s about doing 2 things at the same time, controlling 2 avatars and connecting them with a laser beam to destroy enemies and raise your high score,” said David as he explained the game to us.

The game is indeed based on a very original idea, with fast reflexes and quick decisions. It’s a game about one person managing multiple things. However, there will be a local co-op mode available that should most definitely make things way more interesting and fun.

The studio is basically David himself running everything and he has been developing the game for about a year now. “I have been on and off the development of the game, doing contract work on the side as well,” said David.

The biggest difficulty that David found while developing the game was being able to actually handle everything on his own. “I am like a one man studio, switching from art to programming and so on..”

The plan is to now launch in Early Access in November and then, around Q2 of 2017, make the full release of the game for PC and Mac. The game is currently on Greenlight and we strongly believe that it will most definitely get greenlit because it was a very fun to play game. “We might come to Linux too, as well as consoles, since the game is quite good for consoles.”

The game has a single player and a co-op mode. The music in the game is also quite important to the gameplay since everything moves to the beat. “The sound effects are part of the music theme and I will be adding more music styles to the game so that people can choose amongst many and find the one most to their liking.”

You can track the developement of the game on its official website, on Twitter, on Youtube and on Facebook.

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