Memorium at Gamescom 2016

In the Indie Arena Booth of Gamescom 2016 we also found Seven Stories, a student team from the MD.H university showcasing their game, Memorium. We sat down, played the game and also had a chat with Sebastian Jantschke, one of the developers.

Sebastian told us the game is a mystery adventure for PC. It follows the story of an old man on his deathbed, going through a journey through his fragmented dementia memories. The man is bound to discover a dark secret but for now the tech demo of GC allowed us to see only a part of it.

The team behind the game started with 11 people and now is down to 8. Development on the game started on February of 2016 and continued until mid-March. “It was a 5-week project and the university didn’t allow us more time to work on the game. You could say it is more like a full demo rather than a complete game,” explained Sebastian.

“We found quite a bit of a difficulty when developing one of the areas in the game with a lot of corridors, because we wanted to do level streaming,” said Sebastian. If you don’t know what that is, then think of Antechamber and how it managed to handle rooms and corridors, going through the same door you just went through and ending up somewhere else.

The team said they came to Gamescom 2016 to present their team and their game as well as to see the reactions of people to their game. “We only tested it at university with other students so we can’t really say if it’s good for the market or not.”


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