Mechanic Miner – Preview & Interview

Mechanic Miner, is best described as a 2-D, steampunk, mobile weaponized, house adventure, created by the Hello John team. Stranded on Mars with nothing but your wits and engineering degree, can you weaponize your surroundings into a unique imagination, of destructive transportation?

While still in the process of undergoing constant early access updates, the base content currently available for Mechanic Miner, is extensive and overall stunning, for a studio’s first outing into the world of game creation.

It’s dapper presentation, coupled with it’s ability to allow you to make logically physics based mechanical devices. Means you’ll be traveling across Mar’s surface in your own unique style in no time. For those worried about working your head around the complex crafting system though, fear not! As the tutorial sets you up with a all the essentials for survival, included starting transport by the end of it!

Overall Mechanic miner sets out to be a fun inclusion to the survival and mars based genre. One that creative fans of bazaar transportation can truly enjoy.

Mechanic Miner is available on steam in early access for $25.95 AUD or your regional equivalent here.

For those of you interested to know more about Mechanic Miner.
We also had a chance to catch up with the Game Director and Programmer Finn Nielsen.
(The interview of which can be found on Page 2)

Our thanks goes to Hello John for sending us a copy of Mechanic miner for this preview.

~Aaron Nicholls

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