Marooners Review

We are going through the time where couch co-op games are making a comeback and the game-making studio M2H took note of that, introducing its own creation to the world of awesome party games. Enter Marooners, the fun-packed party game that will keep you wanted more every time you come back to it with your friends.

As explained even by the developers themselves on their steam page, the creation of the game came out of the love that they had for games of this genre. It’s quite interesting that the studio was mostly known for Verdun and now they have come out with something entirely different. Marooners introduces some very familiar mechanics that we are used to seeing in party games. It takes all of those mechanics though, throws them in a pot and starts mixing them up, creating a beautiful chaos that is not only fun, but also interesting to play again and again.

Choosing between Linear and Chaos mode (which you will honestly not understand the difference between them at the start) you jump into a 2 to 6 players offline or online game and start trying to beat your friends in all sorts of quirky eventful mini-games. It’s worth mentioning at this point already, that the game supports online play and that is quite a big deal for a game on Steam, since a lot of good couch co-op games are sort of looked over just because people can’t enjoy them from afar. Couch co-op sessions are amazing, but people seem to prefer the long-distance thing most of the time, since it’s very convenient.

Every mini-game has its own rules and you have to do different things in order to come out victorious. Some are a “last-man standing” sort of thing. Others are “collect as many diamonds as you can” and so on. King of the hill, cave digging and all other sorts of weird shenanigans happen during a session of Marooners. This helps with keeping the gaming fresh and interesting at all times, without people having to wait too long between mini-games for either others to finish or a very long loading screen. If anything, sometimes it goes too fast and you feel entirely lost, not knowing what the heck is going on. That though, is a good thing and it ends up contributing to the overall fun that the game tries to bring over for a group of friends.

Little needs to be said about the graphics and the sound, other than the fact that they are all on point. The graphics are pretty, with cute avatars that all have distinct characters that allow them to be different and interesting in their own way. The models are quite detailed but at the same time simple enough to let the gameplay flow without obscuring the players’ vision during the chaotic party gameplay Marooners has. The music is equally good and allows for a background sound that keeps rolling through each and every mini-game you go through, without tiring you. It actually helps build up the tension since it keeps playing even when you change from one mini-game to another. The game also offers a huge range of cosmetic items to unlock, so the more you play, the more stuff you will unlock to bedazzle your friends with.

If I was to make any complaint about the game, that would be the fact that I feel it might need more constant updates for people to keep in touch and hyped with it. Groups of friends that generally play party games will most definitely find it easy to add this to their collection of party games, but I can see why they might drop it after a couple weeks or so, due to the fact that the mini-games might start feeling too repetitive. Either way, M2H has shown the game a lot of love with updates thus far.

What I personally found very intuitive, was the fact that, although the game is offered at a very good price for what it has to offer, it also allows you to have a second code to share with a friend of yours. That code, only unlocks after having played the game a certain amount of time and shows up on the main menu screen.

The game is available on Steam for the price of 12,99€.


With a plethora of cosmetic items to unlock and gameplay that has a lot of repetitive value for pretty much any group of friends that enjoys party games, Marooners most definitely deserves a spot in anyone’s library. Not only that, but you can also share it with your best friends in order to get your whole group to start playing it.

+ Fun, non-stop, chaotic mini-games

Lots of cosmetic unlockables keep it fresh

Allows for sharing of the game with a friend through playing it

Pretty graphics that make it only more fun

 Gets repetitive after a lot of sessions, like most party games though

Score: 7,6/10

– Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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