Marooners gets an Expansion

Marooners, the beloved game of all the groups of friends that like to beat each other in various mini-games, just got a free expansion and boy oh boy is it filled with goodies.

As explained on its Steam Update page, the expansion introduces a bunch of new weapons, quality of life changes and other things and it also brings us bots so that we can enjoy the game even more than before by filling up the stage with AI controlled opponents when not all of our friends are around to pick up a controller and play.

The soundtrack of the game and a few other “deluxe” things are now also available on their own for purchase or as part of a special bundle with the game.

You can find Marooners on Steam and its expansion is of course free so you can enjoy all of its features as soon as you’ve purchased the core game.

We shall soon also have a review up on Hyper Light Up for Marooners, so stay tuned!

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