Marilena “SørenLys” Karamanian

, also known as the SørenLys, joined Hyper Light Up in the summer of 2017 under the role of Editor. She is the team’s dedicated grammar dictator and basically goes through all of the bad stuff that everyone else tends to overlook while writing and thinking that what they are doing is amazing and flawless.

Her love for indie games goes way back, to the time when indie games just started being hyped and getting more attention on platforms like Steam. She is a huge fan of graphic novel games and enjoys a good romance or drama in an adventure game as well as a good bloodshed in a twin-stick shooter game. She is also an avid practitioner of the pencil arts and hopes to one day be able to work as a 2D animator making the things that she loves to look at in games and movies.

Contact: mariaekar11 (at) gmail (dot) com