MageQuit – Preview, Interview & Streaming with Devs

MageQuit is a neat little title developed by those at Bowlcut Studios. One which is a blast of chaotic, magical, madness, right from the start, as a Cracker of an arena brawler for you and 9 other friends.

Each match of MageQuit consists of 9 frantic rounds with players gaining a new elemental spell for the first 7 rounds of magical combat. The general mechanics of curving and chaining spells together, along with elemental variety. Creates a surprisingly high skill ceiling, which keeps matches fresh and interesting. As predicting your opponents becomes key to survival in these frantic displays of power.

The art direction and subtle soundtrack lend to the ecstatically pleasing battle of elements. While still maintaining coherence in a sea of chaos with distinctive character models. Which creates a rather commendable display from arena to arena without confusion.

MageQuit, while still in early access, provides a snappy, intuitive and hilarious competitive couch play experience at an affordable price. One which you should consider for your next get together or fiesta.
We’ll be looking forward to it’s initial Debut.

You can find MageQuit on steam for $14.50 AUD or your regional equivalent here.

We also had the unique opportunity to Interview and Live Stream with the Creator of MageQuit Brett Pennings for your reading pleasure further below.

A staff made from the power of a D20?!

Interview with the Wise Wizard: Brett Pennings

Brett Was Gracious enough to entertain an interview with us. Quite open to questions he’s provided us with some of the interesting scoops during MageQuits Development.

What made you decide to create MageQuit in the first place?
There was a Warcraft 3 mod we used to play called Warlock that we really enjoyed. I thought it would be way more fun as a party game with controllers all on the same screen, more spells and stages. The spell drafting and curving systems are completely original additions though.

Why did you choose the unity engine for the project?
The original plan was to make MageQuit for the Ouya of all things, because it was an Android based console and supported 8 controllers. Unity was the recommended engine for the Ouya so that’s what we started with. We stuck with it because it’s what we knew.

What Made you want to quit working and go full time developing MageQuit?
Video game development and design has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. We felt like MageQuit was at a point where it made sense to go all in and finish it up.

Has the Average week changed now that you’ve transitioned to full time development on the project?
It definitely has. Along with quitting my job came renting out my old place and moving to Ann Arbor with Chad so we could collaborate but also lower my cost of living. So far I’ve mostly been getting settled in, but I’m looking forward to the day when MageQuit is the only thing I worry about.

What’s next for Bowlcut Studios?
We will probably be working on MageQuit and releasing new content for a while, but we’ve been kicking around an idea for a 10 player karting game. I think with all the expo equipment, experience, and audience we’ve built, it makes sense for us to stick with large scale party games.

When do you think MageQuit will see a full release?
We are hoping for Q3 of this year, but it’s hard to say where development will take us. It wouldn’t surprise me if full release takes until 2020 to make sure we get it right.

Now I am the master…

Our MageQuit Stream with Brett Pennings on ClaireBere’s Channel

Brett decided that an interview wasn’t enough and showed us the ropes during a live stream of disaster.
Here are the results:

If you’d like to see more of our stream you can check out ClarieBere’s channel here.

Special thanks goes to Bowlcut Studios for providing us with copies for this review as well as a noobs guide to casting spells.

~ Aaron Nicholls

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