Lovely Planet Review

Lovely Planet is a game made by Quicktequila, which also developed Lovely Planet Arcade. In its essence, Lovely Planet is a first person shooter game, where the player is on a quest to reach the “Lovely Planet”. To reach his destination though, the player has to pass through numerous levels of shooting weird creatures and doing various acrobatics in the air. Warm up your hands and let’s go.

There is no particular story tied to the game, but it is made clear that we are trying to go to the Lovely Planet. Each level features enemies, which we have to eliminate in order to be able to finish the level. If we miss one “badie” and reach the end, then bad luck, we have to repeat the whole level. Thankfully, our weird, star-equipped weapon has an inifite bullets and we are free to spam-shoot our way through each level. A little caution should be advised though, since more often than not, there will be some good guys near the badies and if we shoot them, you guessed it, restart. Just remember, shoot the red guys not the blue-ish.

Our enemies come in quite a few flavors. Firstly, we have the “blob” enemies, most of which are motionless and won’t hurt us, unless we come in contact with them. Also, they will not count as missed enemies when we finish a level. However, in some occasions, some of those blobs will try to attack us by slithering their way towards us, so shoot these slimes. Next we have the tall and slim badies, which can’t move. They look like cat-like to me for some reason (cannot be unseen, huh?). Just gun them down too. Up next, we have the most “difficult” to deal with badies, the “shooters” as I have nicknamed them. They are red cubes with fearsome faces that continuously shoot projectiles at us. So, open fire at them while being watchful of their bullets and you will be fine. What is more, those blue-ish good guys I mentioned before, tend to appear near the “shooters” more often than the other badies, which makes sniping those red bastards a tad harder. Lastly, we have some red balls, which are shot into the air and if they touch the ground the levels resets. For that reason I will call them “nukes”. Generally, you should prioritize nukes over anything else because they don’t even need to reach to defeat you.

The gameplay is very fast paced, requiring fast and decisive moves by the player. The game is divided in “chapters” and the first chapter is the only one that could be classified as easy. Actually, it is so easy that when you are faced with the later levels, you will want to punch your screen. However, save that punch, for when the fog mechanic is introduced and you are practically walking blindly amidst bullets, while trying not to fall to your death. The game gets very repetitive after the first hour or so and honestly I cannot say that it entertained me for long. Despite it’s repetitiveness, many people seem to enjoy it and I guess this has to do with the time challenge, where you try to complete each level as fast as possible, which means running the levels again and again until you have choreographed the “perfect” run, in which you kill all badies with one shot and reach the end from the shortest possible path. Apart from that, I believe that the increasing challenge each level offers is also another factor which contributes in people liking the game, but since I am not the biggest fan of this type of games I cannot say with all my heart that I like this concept. I would prefer if there was more variety in the enemies, the weapons and the scenery and less repetitive levels.

The best word I would use to describe the aesthetics of this particular game would be minimal. The models are not intricate and usually feature one color. I appreciate minimalistic design a lot and as such, this is a big plus for me. However, I would say that the game could use some more work on the models, it mostly looks like sketch up. The music on the other hand, while pleasant and uplifting in the beginning, it ended up bothering me and I turned it off.

You can find Lovely Planet on Steam for 5,99€, Playstation Store and Nintendo Storefor $9.99, Xbox Store for £7.99.


All in all I believe Lovely Planet is a game for those who enjoy a good challenge and like crafting the “perfect run” for each level they play. On a personal level, I think the game gets tiresome after a while and it couldn’t keep me pleased for long. I like its minimalistic art style, although it could use some more work. It seems to me that in the end Lovely Planet is not a bad game at all, rather just not my cup of tea.

+ Minimalistic Design

+ Fast paced action

Gets repetitive after a while

Could use more work on the aesthetics

Score: 7/10

-Dimitris “Onel” Zarachanis

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