Lovecraft Tales arrives on Indiegogo

Lovecraft Tales, an old-school point and click adventure horror game based on the works of Henry Phillips Lovecraft and taking place in Vermont, has just made its way to Indiegogo.

s stated on the game’s Indiegogo page by its creator,¬†Sewer Hrehorowicz, the game’s key principle is freedom. Apparently. there are no set ¬†objectives or quest markers in the game, and it is up to the player to find out how to finish the game. Moreover, it is entirely possible that the game ends without the player knowing exactly what is going on as it is, again, up to him to delve into the game’s story.

Another very interesting aspect of the game is its art style. As the developers say, the game’s looks are based on Romantic paintings, giving it more of an old timey, maybe even Victorian, feel.

Currently, the game’s creators are asking for $17,000 in order to finish the game’s first episode, $1,500 of which have already been raised. With a month left, the game seems to be on the right path. If you are interested in Lovecraft Tales yourself, you can check it out in depth on Indiegogo, where you can find more info on the game, the game’s donor tiers and stretch goals and even a demo.

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