Lost Ember is going for strech goals

Mooneye Studios’ upcoming and seriously promising project, Lost Ember, has already reached its first strech goal on Kickstarter, which will bring new animations for all controllable animals and is on a steady course for its second strech goal, bringing support for five more languages!

After being fully funded in 2 days and reaching its first strech goal a mere 3 days more, Lost Ember’s future surely look bright. This is a game that puts you in the paws of a lone wolf who forms a friendship with a spirit, the last soul of an ancient civilization and together they venture out on to find answers about this long lost civilization. To make your journey easier and traverse even the harshest lands you will need to use the wolf’s unique ability to possess the mind and the body of other animals. Explore rivers and lakes in the form of a fish, climb mountains as goat or take flight as a bird and see the world from above! One of the Mooneye Studios’ goals is to make sure that the game provides an easy and soothing experience without the hussle and fuss of elaborate combat systems or tricky, mind-bending puzzles.

If you are interested to learn more about this great project, make sure to visit its official website as well as its Kickstarter page, where you can also help with the funding of its developement for the next 28 days. Additionally, you can read our interview with the game’s developers at Gamescom 2016 here.

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