Lornsword Winter Chronicle – Preview

“The hours flew by as we waged war, content to trample across dust, snow and man alike. How did we get so far from home? Will we ever make it home?”

Few games capture, the balance of frantic management in strategy games with so many troops, buildings hero units to organize and lead into combat. Most RTS’s opt for a birds eye commander view for maxim efficiency. Tower Five however takes a much more of a person approach, in their recent early access title Lornsword.

As a military man in the Lorn Empire, General Corun Lan Ka is no stranger to the mists of combat. Instead of sitting behind a desk in the command tent all day though, he opts for personally supporting, managing and commanding, the troops from the front lines. This in turn proves an interesting dynamic, as you personally run to wherever on the map your presence is needed most. This causes a very frantic, seat gripping, experience. As you rush to put out the next fire on the map, all while hoping the station you just left can handle the next wave.

Lornswords biggest strength though rests with the cinematic’s. The Lorn Empires world building experience, despite having the likes of elemental magic and mystical beings. Feeling particularly reminiscent of the fall of the Roman empire. You’ll experience the world through the wonderful glass window art style of soldier Corun’s point of view. This makes the experience feel organic and believable when combined with the voice acting, to the point I felt I had just sat down with his family for dinner moments ago.

The sound design is defiantly worth mentioning as well, with the sounds of the wind blowing through my hair to the trudging of snow, the world lives and breaths with the occasional backing track to keep the mood and tone.

The only possible negative note on the horizon that players may find, is that variety and by extension gameplay, can feel slightly repetitive at times. The rock scissors paper formula of your 3 main troop types, combined with constantly running across the map. Can make some maps feel sluggish, especially if you lack the correct strategy for the current problem. This feels more like a player specific problem however rather than a reflection on the gameplay loop itself.

Tower Five, has graciously gone out of it’s way to elevate some of this possible frustration with some impressive additional features. From the couch split screen Co-Op, to the multitude of acquirable powers throughout your long campaign, battles with continue to feel fresh and somewhat distinct.

If your craving a new vantage point to wage war, Lornsword, might be just the title your looking for.
We can’t wait to see what additional features they will add for the future.

Lornsword Winter Chronicle, is avaliable on steam for $ 26.95 AUD or your regional equivalent here.

Thanks goes to Tower Five for sending us a copy of Lornsword Winter Chronicle for this preview.

~Aaron Nicholls

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