Lonely Mountains: Downhill Gamescom 2017 Interview

Just you and your bike – take it on a thrilling ride down an unspoiled mountain landscape. Make your way through thick forests, narrow trails and wild rivers. Race, jump, slide and try not to crash – all the way from the peak to the valley! Featuring Custom Bike Physics, seamless tracks, open level design and much more!

The game is made by Megagon Industries.

We had the pleasure of talking with Jan Bubenik and Daniel Helbig at Gamescom about their game. When we asked them to describe the game, they said “It’s you, your bike and the mountain” which is definitely a fitting description. They told us that Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a time trial physics game where the player will have to find the best and fastest line down the mountain. Along the road there will be intentionally placed shortcuts for the players to find them.

The team begun with two people and the first prototype of the game was created two years ago. After they posted a gif in an indie developers group on Facebook, they got overwhelmingly positive feedback and this year they started working on it full time. We played a demo version that was intended for the developers to gather feedback from players and it really felt great. The controls need some time to get used to, but after that the game flows.

The final version of the game will have visual customisation on helmets and bikes, but they won’t affect gameplay. The game is focused on hardcore players and will offer leaderboards for everyone to showcase their best times. We learned that there will be five or six stages, maybe more, depending on the development.

A Kickstarter campaign is being prepared for October so if you feel like supporting, keep your eyes on the game’s website and also share. The developers are aiming for a mid 2018 release. You can also take a look at the game’s Facebook, Twitter and Greenlight page.

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