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There are many games that pass unnoticed on Steam, especially some that are really good when played in Co-op. One of those is definitely Livelock, which for some reason was hard to find, despite its sheer awesomeness. Me and my trusted friend took it upon us, to finish the game on its hardest difficulty, so that I can deliver you my full review on the creation of Tuque Games. So here goes!

Welcome to the future, where humans are extinct, or rather uploaded onto machines after a huge war that rendered most of the planet almost uninhabitable. Mostly scrapyards and thrown out machines remain, other than the huge bunch of rogue robots that roam around. You are “Intellect”, one of the last few human brains left inside a robot and it is up to you to set out to a quest to retrieve a weird-looking disc that will allow the all-seeing robot-eye-in-the-sky to bring upon the new peaceful era for humans.

The game has a very interesting theme and an even more interesting story with quite a few twists in it now and then. Despite its serious appeal, our characters make some witty comments now and then that put off some nerve in a what would otherwise seem a very serious atmosphere in the game. The voice acting is great and that also helps us stay closely connected to the theme and the world at all given points.

Before we move on to anything else though, reference has to be made to the graphics which are simply stunning. For an indie game, Livelock displays a very fluid and good looking environment both in and out of combat. You feel as if you want to explore each area as much as possible but you also don’t get dizzy when there are dozens of robots firing at you. All of that, despite the fact that most of that firepower is laser shots that are obviously brightly colored. I unfortunately played through the first couple of stages without my graphics card due to some technical problems that I had, but the game’s optimization is good enough to allow most people to play it on medium graphics without having too good of a graphics card.

The gameplay itself feels very much like Gauntlet or Helldivers, in case you are familiar with those two games. You basically pick a character (one out of three) and after completing a stage, you can unlock weapons, abilities and upgrade those as you see fit. This allows for quite a bit of customization and gives the player the choice of having a playstyle that is unique to them. The max level is 30, but I can tell you that you won’t have any problems reaching that, especially if you are playing the game on a harder difficulty. We also get to unlock various outfit options by finding various drops in every level.

The number one thing that me and my friend look for in games, is usually a challenge. We love having to go all tactical in a co-op game and Livelock gave us exactly that experience. We started the game on normal, felt it was too easy so switched it to hard and then realized that only the hardest difficulty would give us what we are looking for. Unfortunately, there are indeed some things that people who are familiar with twin-stick shooters can exploit, but apart from those things, the game felt ok difficulty-wise. The main problem with twin-stick shooters that feel easy, is that they start feeling repetitive and boring if you are not having a hard time killing or clearing any of the stages. Having finished this game at its max difficulty though, I can tell you that were indeed a few of those, even though they were sometimes very close to getting boring because of the repetitive mechanics.

This is definitely one of the best co-op games I have played on PC. Why do I say so? Because it is a classic twin-stick shooter with good and very well working mechanics, unique classes, plenty of content and appropriate difficulty. You can play it with one, two or three players, but the game is most fun with two or more. I honestly do not think I would have enjoyed it even half the amount I did on my own, if I wasn’t playing it with a friend. The game’s price does seem a bit high at first, but the game definitely delivers good value for that price tag.

Livelock is available on Steam for 19,99€.


Livelock is a must have for anyone that wants a good co-op twin-stick shooter game to enjoy with friends. Despite it being quite highly priced, compared to most other co-op games, it features a lot of customization, content and good gameplay overall.

+ Good fun in co-op

Amazing graphics with well designed environments and characters

+ Good amount of content and customization

+ Decent storyline with some wit put into it

 Its price makes it a bit out of reach for some people that my want to play it with friends

Score: 8.6/10

Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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