Littlewood – Sneak Peak

What do you do after you save the world? LittleWood, a new successful kick-starter title by Sean Young plans to solve this question. Today we take a peak behind the curtain at it’s present kickstarter demo and future plans.

Littlewood so far, is an extremely relaxing and adorable pixel title. Influenced by the likes of Animal Crossing and Dark cloud games while still being unique enough to be a title worth your time.

The first few days of gameplay seem to float by in a joyful breeze, as you go about rebuilding the first few parts of the town after it was destroyed. Accommodating for new residences, rebuilding critical structures, such as a general store and town hall and so on.

The artistic contributions of Bashi Boizu for Littlewood are also worth mentioning, as the composer has created some light heart tracks for the initial preview that don’t outstay their welcome.

Littlewood is a pleasant labor of love and a methodically peaceful title. Promptly Scratching an itch I’ve harbored since Stardew Valley.
We can’t wait to see more.

Littlewood is scheduled for Early Access on steam in late March 2019.
If you’d like more details on Littlewood or would like to support the project’s development you can visit their kickstarter page here.

You can also try the Demo of Littlewood yourself by downloading it from here.

~Aaron Nicholls

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