Lightfield Gamescom 2017 Interview

LIGHTFIELD is a hyper futuristic racing game with a parkour twist. Drive on any surface including walls, tunnels and sci-fi architecture to piece together the fastest racing line. Only by mastering your anti-gravity spaceship and finding the best omnidirectional route can you race to the top. Play on your own, online, or with up to three friends on your sofa in split screen and perfect your racing line. Explore the worlds beyond the track boundaries and lose yourself in the aesthetics of the colorful environments, abstract level architecture and electronic music by Viennese musician Zanshin.

The game is developed by Viennese studio Lost in the Garden.

We had the pleasure of talking with Simon Wallner at Gamescom 2017. Simon told us that Lightfield is their first project and after they had the prototype ready, they applied and received development funding from Vienna Business Agency. He described the game as “parkour with spaceships”, a description that does do justice to the actual gameplay.

If you see screenshots from the game it might remind you of Wipeout, but it takes the racing idea in another level. Instead of just moving on a specific racing path, Simon explained that Lightfield is created with exploration in mind, finding your own line in every stage. Besides the time trial and race, there will be an exploration mode where you will get to fly around each stage and admire the marvellous design.

The main inspiration behind the game was actually Slipstream 5000 as Simon mentioned, plus an unlike one, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Ease of access is another of the developers’ focus, to make it easy for players to jump right in the action without having to move needlessly around the game options screen. Finally, the stages are designed in order for the player to learn something new each time and the difficulty to follow this linear progression.

Expect the release of Lightfield very soon.

You can check the game at its official website, Twitter and Facebook.

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