Lethal League Blaze has been announced

The critically acclaimed and extremely fun game Lethal League finally has a sequel, in the form of Lethal League Blaze! Made once again by Team Reptile, here is the game’s teaser trailer:

According to our information, the game will feature:

– More Characters.

– More Modes.

– Improved, high resolution graphics.

– A ‘limited animation’ style that achieves the same high speed gameplay of the original Lethal League.

– The final boss of the previous game, Doombox, is joining the roster as a full fledged character.

Thanks to the big success of Lethal League, most people were expecting a sequel, especially since the game got ported to the PS4 and Xbox One this year. Apart from getting that wish fulfilled, both new and old fans have a new way to discuss the game: Lethal League Blaze’s discord server. This is also where the beta testers will get picked from, so keep an eye on it if you are a big fan of the game.

Lethal League Blaze will be released in 2018 for both PCs and Consoles, with more news coming in the upcoming months, so stay tuned!

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