Land It! Review

Sometimes, you get tired of standard games. They are too fast, too requiring of you. That’s where Casual games come in. They are less demanding and less stressful. That doesn’t mean they are bad games, however. Some of them have all the necessary ingredients for a fun game, just more abstract. Land It! is one such casual game that tries to also satisfy our gaming needs.

The premise of the game is simple. You are an air traffic director. Your job is to help planes take off and land in a number of airports, while also adjusting their routes in order for them not to crash. This may seem a bit too much at first, and it sometimes is, but what helps with the situation is the fact that you only use your mouse for everything. Basically, you click to land or take off a plane, provided they are within airport range, and you drag an arrow to adjust plane speed (the bigger you make the arrow, the faster the plane goes).

The game starts out simple, having you only land and take off a few planes from one airport. As you go into later levels, new elements are added. For example, there’s elevation, which is a hazard that can destroy your planes. Moreover, new planes may come into the screen, giving you more things to worry about. No-fly zones may appear, which force you to go around them or lose. Add all of the above together, and it becomes quite hectic pretty quickly. This may sound like a bad thing, but it’s really not. I honestly found it really fun trying to manage everything at once. I have to admit, however, that it is rather annoying that you lose the level if a single plane is destroyed. I feel that some form of a lives system would be great, especially later on.

Apart from the game’s standard levels, there is also an endless mode with three levels. In this mode, planes keep coming forever, so it’s essentially a survival mode, where you compete against yourself for a better time. This, combined with the three star rating in every standard level, adds some much-needed replayability to the game.

Moving on to the art department, things are looking quite good there. The game has a low-poly look to it, which is one of my favourite styles in gaming, as it is both minimalist but also more than enough to convey beautiful images. The game’s sound on the other hand is not particularly noteworthy. It’s very repetitive, and while it does calm you at first, it becomes tiresome very quickly.

In terms of flaws, the game is really too simple in its design to have many of them. The biggest one I’ve found is the plane hitboxes, which are slightly off at times. The options menu is also lacking, but this is not really a game where graphic options are a thing people need.

Overall, Land It! is a fun little game. Despite that, I don’t think it justifies the price of 10 euro. The gameplay is too bare-bones and the levels too few to last you more than one or two evenings. Generally, the game feels like it should be flash or mobile game, instead of a 10 euro Steam game. As I said above, that doesn’t mean it is bad. On the contrary, it is perfect for a quiet, relaxing evening. However, you can have that evening with a similar game that is half the price. So, if Land It! has caught your eye, I’d suggest waiting for a sale to get it.

You can find Land It! on Steam.


While Land It! is a fun game, its content does not justify its asking price. However, it is a great get during sales, if you are up for something more relaxing than the usual games.

+ Relaxing, with good mechanics.

+ Fun gameplay…

 …That is too bare-bones.

 Minor hitbox issues

Repetitive, uninteresting music.

Score: 6.3/10

-Philip “Snowchill” Alexandris

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