Lancelot’s Hangover: The Quest for the Holy Booze Review

Lancelot’s Hangover: The Quest For The Holy Booze is a point and click game, providing comedy and a unique art style. The game is made by one person, Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt, but does it deliver on what it sets out to do?

Before the game was even launched, my expectations were low. A game about comedy and a unique art style? Either the comedy would be horrendous, or the art style itself would not be that appealing. But even after all that, I still went in with an open mind, only to be met with the doubts I had.

At first I thought none of it, “Maybe it was just a joke or two that didn’t land, perhaps it will get better”. Spoiler alert, it didn’t. The comedy is so outdated, it’s not the jokes that are not landing, it’s the joke itself being horrible. After a google search I found out that the game was first released in beta, in 2015-2016, around that time. That would explain the outdated comedy, but not enough to retract my opinion of it.

The art style itself is indeed unique, but not unique and interesting enough to be a memorable one. It’s mostly a shadow of how bland the jokes are. Do not get me wrong, unique is a good thing nowadays, but unique doesn’t mean it’s going to become one of those games that will be praised, even after it’s release, for how “unique” it is.

But then I thought, perhaps it’s me. Perhaps even after all this time, it was myself that was the problem of not understanding such an “interesting” and “unique” game. So to make sure, I had a friend of mine watch me play the game, and even went on a little internet safari to see what others had to say. My friend, after an hour of him watching me play this “unique” game, he was just as disappointed as I was. And after playing the game for a good 1 hour and a half, I took to the internet.

After a quick search and some digging, I found myself gazing at reviewers saying how the comedy is “hilarious” and the art style brings in a “unique taste”. And after watching a walkthrough, the youtuber’s verdict was that, the game surely is unique, but perhaps some of the jokes “went over her head”. So maybe I was wrong. But after another friend of mine played the game for just a tiny bit, we had the same opinion.
So why are reviewers so hesitant on providing a negative opinion? That we will never know.

The game may have not been such a good experience for me, nor my two friends but even though we didn’t enjoy it, perhaps someone else will. As of 9/29 this game has no price yet on steam, so depending on the price, this is what will decide if it’s a buy or not.

You can find Lancelot’s Hangover on steam and in the developer’s official site.

~Alexis “Heharu”

We would like to thank the developer for providing us with a copy of this game for coverage purposes. As a non-commercial press team, it is our honor and our delight to be able to provide our opinion on it.

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