Knight Squad 2 Gamescom 2020 Impressions

Party games are the very essence of the Gamescom Indie Arena Booth and seeing how everything has gone digital for Gamescom 2020, we felt like we would be lacking all the party gaming fun that we would otherwise have. Fear not though, since Chainsawesome Games is jumping in with their new and upcoming game, Knight Squad 2.

What is Knight Squad 2? Well, we gathered a group of four people to try it out and give you our impressions on it!

Knight Squad 2 is basically a game that is all about battling it out with up to 7 other people in various modes. Battle Royale; everyone tries to stab or blow up each other until only one is standing. Capture The Crown; where everyone tries to grab a crown and bring it back to their zone. Payload; where you and your team try to push a payload (Overwatch style) while killing the enemy team who is also trying the same.

And many, many more. The demo we tried out, only had 3 game modes, but from the looks of it (from the currently running developer stream), it seems that there will be many more modes once the game fully releases.

The game looks amazing and the knights all have a unique appearance, not just because of their different colors but because the studio actually made sure they look cool and different from one another. Your appearance doesn’t matter much in-game since everything is seen from an over-the-top camera perspective but that little extra touch is most definitely something that makes the game that much more fun.

You can try out the demo of the game for yourself through the Indie Arena Booth for the next couple of days by visiting this link.

You can also find the game on its Steam page.

Here’s the trailer of the game as well.

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