Klang / The Frostrune at Gamescom 2016

Next to the Indie Arena Booth, we found the publishing company, Snow Cannon Games which was showcasing two of its upcoming indie games, Klang and The Frostrune. We had the chance to speak with Linn Sovig about both games as well as the chance to try them out. Snow Cannon Games, for anyone who isn’t aware of this yet, is basically the first Norwegian indie publisher company.

During Gamescom 2016, the publisher was there to show both of its games that are launching soon.


It’s good to note first that the game is developed by a very young (about 21 years old) game maker that goes by the name of Tinimations. The game itself is “an awesome rhythm platformer that is basically a love-letter to the EDM community,” as Linn explained it for us.

The game has been in development for the past 3 years now and a full release for it is planned for September 2016 (next month). “The biggest thing the developer had to go through when making the game was actually putting such a large game on the game engine, Construct 2, that he was using, since it is by far one of the largest games to be put on that engine,” said Linn.

Klang is an innovative take on traditional rhythm games that pushes the genre beyond pressing buttons to tempo into a world of fast-paced exploration, platforming and combat.

In Klang, players assume the role of a tuneblade-wielding, elite rave warrior on a quest to free himself from the shackles of Soundlord Sonus. Become one with the music as you battle your way through increasingly challenging levels, timing every action and attack to audio visual cues.

The project was also sent to various DJs to check it out and DJ Blind was the one that fell in love with the concept of it and since then has been collaborating with the game’s developer in order to create music for it.

You can find out more about Klang through its Steam page and its Facebook.

The Frostrune

The game was created by a viking re-enactment group and is basically a point and click adventure game. The developers behind it, Grimnir, only had one of them with experience in game development. They thought about creating an app game and now The Frostrune is actually coming out in October 2016.

The game worked very well on ipad, tablet, mobiles, but it also worked very well on PC too. The game has already been greenlit on Steam within 2 weeks and after 2 to 3 years of development that it needed, it is ready to come out for the public to try it out.

Unravel a mystery inspired by Viking myth and legend in The Frostrune, a point-and-click adventure based on ancient Norse culture and environments.

Find yourself shipwrecked on an island after a summer storm. Nearby, a recently abandoned settlement shows signs that its inhabitants left in a panick. Surrounding the village is a dark, dense forest filled with ancient rune stones and burial mounds. Among them are hidden relics and other well-kept secrets that will bring you closer to solving the mysteries of the island.

The biggest challenge for the team was reportedly the fact that two of the people in the team had never worked with games before and so they had to keep up with the process. The developers at Grimnir have also taught themselves how to create swords and their creations are also in the game. The game is quite beautiful and stunning from what Linn told us and it’s definitely worth trying out if you’d like our opinion on it too.

You can actually win a viking sword by the way by going to the following page.

You can also learn more about the game through its website and its (now completed) Steam Greenlight page.

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