Constantine “Kelfecil” Christakis


Constantly curious and always making sure his opinion is heard, Constantine is a person that does a lot of things. Born in 1992 in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki (Greece) he is frequently travelling and questioning things around him.

In Hyper Light Up, Constantine acts as the director and main PR, moving all necessary pieces of the puzzle so that everything runs well. Other than that, for HLU he is also the main streamer, an editor and a translator.

He was an indies press correspondent and the director of the first ever dedicated indies department on an IGN franchise, which started because of his efforts and his continuous push to make it a thing when he was still providing content for IGN.

A musician and a writer, a practitioner of mainly the guitar and vocal arts, he also did some composing in the past. As a writer, he has worked a great deal of time on SEO writer for various UK and US based companies and also as a creative writer for various music and video game related websites.

With experience also in script writing and managing game development teams, he is on a quest to find the next exciting thing to work on.

He is quite interested in the independent developers’ gaming scene at the moment, doing his best to bring as much coverage as he can to all the amazing, but unseen, game developers out there, through his writing and all connections he has to gaming websites and other media channels.

Other notable activities include,

  • Streaming when he has time for Hyper Light Up.
  • Working sometimes on his project, Time Flux.

Currently, he resides in the beautiful city of Krakow, working a day job and finishing his studies of International Business Management. He spends his time doing all sorts of things.


  • Streams on his own channel, both casual streams as well as IGN GR episodes.
  • Video game composing and providing art direction for various indie companies.
  • Writing feature, review, preview and news articles for IGN Greece.
  • Being the Indies Press Correspondent for IGN Greece and the Director of the Indies Department.
  • Writing music reviews and live reports for


Contact Info

Private Message me through the HLU Facebook Page.
E-mail me for general stuff at: kelfecil (at) hotmail (dot) com
Press inquiries at: contact (at) hyperlightup (dot) com
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Fancy avatar I sometimes use, made by my brother : Dimitris Christakis ( blog with his work )