Kabounce at Gamescom 2016

Gamescom 2016 was full of indie developers and one of them was the Dutch indie company Tivaru, with their game Kabounce.

A unique twist on pinball with a competitive multiplayer angle! Physics-based, team versus team, pinball where you take control of the ball! Experience the high-octane physics of pinball in third person.  In Kabounce you can define your own play style, load out your pinball with a set of abilities and engage in thrilling, sport-like, pinball matches. Use abilities in game to humiliate your opponents and steal their points. Slam your pinball into bumpers, collecting points and reaching astonishing combos. Avoid the opposition and score your collected points – lead your team to victory.

The developers told us in their own words that the game is a competitive multiplayer pinball game where the player has control of the ball. The developers are all students at Breda NHTV and they basically ended up winning a game jam that led them to the point where they felt like moving the project forward.

They told us that the hardest difficulty of making Kabounce was establishing the core of the game, such as the gameplay and how it would all play out, as well as the camera angles that have to be taken good care of so that people don’t get dizzy when playing a fast game.

They told us that they are at an alpha stage but their game has already passed greenlight so they are well on their way now.

Kabounce will be available on Steam in Q4 2016.

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