Jotun Collector’s Edition – Revealed!

Last month’s game that came in a collector’s edition form from Indiebox, was Jotun: Valhalla Edition.

This particular game is very close to our hearts, because all of us here at Hyper Light Up really love it, so we were really eager to see what would be inside that box. We have to say that were all secretly expecting a figurine of some sorts, so that we can sport it on top of our indies shelf.

Alas, our wishes came true. You can see below what was inside the box:

(We apologize for the low res pictures, we have been having issues with our main camera)

Since we have already played Jotun, we figured that we should run a giveaway with the extra code that we have now. Go over to our Facebook page and join our giveaway for a Jotun: Valhalla Edition code!

If you are interested in getting this Collector’s Edition for yourself, you can always jump to the retail store of Indiebox and buy it from there. Next up on Indiebox, is Halcyon 6!

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