Jinteki’s Neural Regeneration

This is an Android: Netrunner related article. Specifically an article where Constantine “Kelfecil” talks about the faction Jinteki and where it is currently standing in the new upcoming meta of the revised core and the rotation that will be happening.

Well damn. The announcement of the Revised Core Set came in like a ray descending from the heavens to mend the broken hearts of all the Netrunner players out there. We all know that Netrunner has had hard times, but ever since GenCon happened and we received literally no updates on our favorite game, there was very good reason to believe that the game is dead.

Alas, the game is more alive than ever now and people are more excited than ever to get to know the new meta better. Even Fantasy Flight Games’ Organized Play department recognized how important the revised legality is for the meta’s health and pushed the legality forward to make it the official legality for the upcoming Worlds tournament. Not only that, but we even received an announcement for the game’s next cycle (where we go to Africa this time!) meaning there’s a lot more to explore and the game is far from dead.

You are not here to read about that though, as I would suppose you probably know all of this. The reason why I am making this article is because it has now officially been 4 years that I have been playing this game. That means, 4 years of exploring the game’s many interactions, its competitive environment, its communities and all that go with those things. If you do not already know my love for Jinteki, then you can probably trace my experience with it back to my old Nisei Division articles or my multiple national tournament reports where I played off-meta decks and many times placed in the top 8 cut.

I have learnt to love all of the factions in the game (except NBN, but that is a story for another time) and have explored all sorts of synergies and interactions between cards and mechanics. No matter how exciting and flavorful some things in the game may be, I find myself wanting to come back to Jinteki and go further with that. I love to sharpen my skills in mind games and I love building decks with unexpected mechanics or gameplay styles that just catch my opponent off-guard. That is what Jinteki does best in my opinion at least.

Through my experience, I have learnt to play glacier, shell game, prison and other styles of Jinteki decks. I love it so much that I have even forwarded this knowledge to other people too and continue to do so (if you are interested, there is an amazing mentor/mentee thread on stimhack). Something like a rotation or a revised core set are a huge change to the meta game and I am more than excited to explore all the new shenanigans that Jinteki can take advantage of. I have already written two huge articles on the rotation for each of the two cycles respectively (Death of Genesis, Ending the Spin). That was quite a while ago though and now with the new information that we have on the revised core set, there is so much more to talk about and look at.

Despite feeling the need to explain my background at the start of every article I write, just because some people are not fully aware of what I am doing and why I am doing it, I feel like it is about time I stop doing that and I just focus on what I am here to do. Write about Netrunner.

The article will explore the following things per page:

  • 1st page ~ The introduction you literally just read.
  • 2nd page ~ Talking about each card cycling out from Genesis / Spin / Old Core Set one by one and the ones that are staying.
  • 3rd page ~ Talking about the old meta and what we can expect from the new one.
  • 4th page ~ How I am personally tackling the new changes and what I am working on, including my latest Jinteki build.

There is also a little extra something in the end of it. So, shall we start?

Click on the little numbers below to navigate through the pages!

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