Jenny LeClue – Preview

Brought to life through kick starter funding in August 2014. Developers Mografi have been able to breathe life into a spell bounding, interactive, chose your own adventure book?

Jenny LeClue Detectivu, follows the story of Jenny in a twisting tale of terror as her mother is framed for a murder she didn’t commit. This leaves jenny to uncover the truth behind the mystery of the small town Arthurton.
Jenny LeClue certainly goes to great lengths to immerse you in this world, with how well grounded it is it’s very easy to feel like an actual detective in the story, piecing together solutions yourself to uncovering hidden safes, Navigating tricky conversations and even descending into the hidden experiments below Arthurton?!

The characters definitely add that hint of charm to the sharp art-style. Jenny comes off as a young if a little more sassy Velma Dinkley. (Scooby Doo)
The narrator Arthur K Finklestein also helps us poke around what’s going on in her head throughout the interactions. This subtle addition helps us to reach the same conclusions as jenny as she reaches them, which organically helps connect us more to the story.

Jenny’s current build is short but had me scratching my head like a proper detective. Hopefully with some keen detective work, we won’t have to wait long this year for it’s official debut.

Jenny Leclue is currently planned for release on steam here.

You can play the interactive teaser for Jenny Leclue and feel like a detective yourself here.

~ Aaron Nicholls

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