Inside’s music was made with a human skull

Inside has been one of the most critically acclaimed Indie titles of the year, and for good reason. Although small in terms of length, Inside is the kind of game that not only manages to offer fun gameplay, but also make you think and wonder. On top of the above reasons, another great reason to love Playdead’s game is the fact that a big part of its sound was made through the use of a human skull.

According to Martin Stig Andersen, the person responsible for the game’s sound, he wanted to use a skull to bring some variety to Inside’s music and give it its own special style. Martin also added that he got the idea through thinking how everyone is shocked when they hear their own voice through a speaker, since the voice they usually hear in their heads is very different. This happens because every sound we make with our mouth gets distorted through various reverberations in our body. Martin wanted the player to hear every sound as if it came through his own head, which is why he used an actual head. Martin does admit, however, that he did some post-processing on the sound as well.


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