Indygo Gamescom 2017 Interview

Indygo is a narrative game with point-and-click elements set in one room only, a painting workshop. It tells the story of a man who suffers from depression. The only person helping him in this time is his girlfriend Anna. Now, the time has come to look for a solution. It is up to you to decide how the story progresses.

The game is developed by Pigmentum Studio.

We found Alexandra Jarosz at the Poland Indie Games booth of the business hall 4.1 at Gamescom 2017 and we were able to try out the game, as well as have a chat with her about it while we were there. Alexandra told us that Indygo is a psychological-narrative game which deals mostly with mental disorders and more specifically depression. She also told us that the team behind the development always clarifies that what they have made is a work of fiction and not a documentary in any way.

The studio is quite new and they have worked on Indygo for about a year now. They started development on the game right after winning a Microsoft development contest where it was basically sort of a blind game jam, where random people just came together to make a game. They had to choose a topic and after about 10 months of development, they made a game that would win the contest and change the team’s career entirely.

During the PGA expo the team was lucky enough to find a publisher and from there on, by working after hours, they managed to bring it to the stage that it is now. “We want to use games for something more than just entertainment,” explained Alexandra while saying that, although this is not an educational game, it can still be something that passes on a certain message. One of the main parts of the game is actually how you make decisions for the character, which later influence how your game will continue and provide certain endings.

The game will have its premiere around October to November from what we were told and will be arriving on Steam.

For more info on Indygo, check out the game’s Website, Twitter Page and Facebook Page.

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