Indies Night LIVE Season 1 – Streams starting!

The team of Hyper Light Up is in the awesome position to announce that Season 1 of Streaming Indies Night LIVE is starting this week!

For all of you who do not already know what Indies Night LIVE is all about, the team started those twice-a-week episodes showcasing 3 to 5 indie games on every episode. Now, down to 3 indie games a night (in order to fully show the game and play it for a while) and out of the IGN franchise, the team will continue the showcasing of indie games through streams with Kelfecil yet again at the steering wheel.


The team of Hyper Light Up has a distinct love for the awesome indie game, Hyper Light Drifter.


Throughout the stream, we have all sorts of discussions about the gaming industry as well as other topics. Apart from the chit-chat and the good laughs we have here and there, we also do quite a few giveaways, giving away game keys for the games we play as well as other mystery indie games from time to time.

You can always go to our Streaming/Videos page in order to check out the schedule with all the games that will be played in the upcoming streams. The schedule will be updated monthly.

Stop by Kelfecil’s channel so that you don’t miss out on any of the fun and mayhem that we have during the Indies Night LIVE episodes!

See you on stream!

~Hyper Light Up Team


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