Indie Games take the stage at The Game Awards 2016

The Game Awards 2016 has ended and the winners are finally announced.

The indie games industry shines once more with the the big winner being Playdead’s Inside which won the awards for Best Independent Game and Best Art Director. Also Numinous Games won the award of Games for Impact with That Dragon, Cancer. Even more, Ryan Green of Numinous Games received the award from The Game Theorists and made an acceptance speech, talking about the game being inspired by his own life and showing the magic of indie games. Thanks Kotaku for this video:

If you missed the livestream with the reveal of all the nominees and the showing of upcoming games, you can see all of the show on this video from IGN down below:

From all of us at Hyper Light Up, congratulations to all the winners, even more to the indies by Playdead and Numinous Games!

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