Indie Friends join Tricky Towers!

A new DLC was added today to the amazing world of Tricky Towers, called the Indie Friends Character Pack! Joining the already magical roster of characters available to pick in the game, is a range of famous character from other indie games, including the following (as explained by the update announcement on Steam):

  • Rock some tunes playing as Fish from Nuclear Throne!
  • Show that your bite is in fact worse than your bark with Thane from Armello!
  • Shoot magic instead of rockets for a change with Clunk from Awesomenauts!
  • The other wizards are probably lucky that Octodad isn’t using all his arms for building!
  • Have the last laugh with Lethal League’s Candy Man!
  • And last but not least, The Last of the Order from TowerFall puts aside her bow to build some magical towers!

There is even a nice trailer accompanying the DLC.

We have always been in love with Tricky Towers here at Hyper Light Up and it is probably one of our most visited multiplayer versus games, so I personally cannot wait to beat my friends in Tricky Towers using Clunk or Candyman. How about you?!

Maybe the next update will have some more modes, maps or other interesting things for us? Who knows!

You can purchase the new DLC through Steam and its price lowers depending on how many other Tricky Towers related products you already own.

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