ICEY at Gamescom 2016

The makers of SHIO weren’t the only Chinese indie developers at the Indie Arena Booth this year since we also got to talk with Sean Fung, the developer and programmer of FantaBlade who is at Gamescom 2016 in order to showcase his game ICEY to the public.

It’s about the adventurous journey of a girl named ICEY. More than a good-looking action game, it’s a Meta Game. It’s a game for “Choices”. In ICEY, there’s no single strategy. Instead, there are a million ways of achieving your goals. You can make choices according to, or opposite to the narrator’s guidance. Maybe she will lose her mind, but what’s the harm? During the process, you see yourself more clear than ever, your character gradually becomes “you”, from “ICEY” to “I see”.

“We always say that ICEY is a metagame, somewhat like The Stanley Parable or Pony Island, it’s more than just an action game, since the action part is just the surface,” explained Sean. We basically asked him about the game and its core gameplay and he told us that it is not just about the action parts and the slashing here and there. There is for example a voice guide in the game that you can choose to either follow or entirely disregard, thus changing the course of the game.

The team of FantaBlade is comprised of 8 people and they have been developing the game for a year now with a full release being planned sometime within the final months of 2016. Regarding difficulties in development, Sean told us that “everything was hard, because none of us had experience in making a game before. The hardest thing was learning how to co-operate with each other in the team.”

Talking about China and the indies scene there, Sean said that they love being at Gamescom because it is all about the games and not something else like some game conferences in China. “In China, people are not used to paying for their games unfortunately.”

The demo that we saw at Gamescom 2016, we were told that it is a good representation of what the final version is going to look like.

For more news and announcements about ICEY follow the developers on Twitter. You can also check their official website.

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