I fell from Grace is now on Steam

I fell from Grace, a game created by Deep Taiga, a studio comprised of just one person, is now on Steam, and we think it’s worth your time.

This is the game’s plot summary:

“I fell from Grace is a retro style adventure game with side scrolling 2D pixel graphics, that blends storytelling and puzzle solving.

Set in modern day Maine, it has a stark storyline set against a backdrop of never-ending autumn rain, where the protagonist fights to keep things above water juggling his struggling (read: failing) career in medical research, and caring for his terminally ill wife. A mystery cure presents itself one day, however things take a pretty sinister turn once he starts trying to figure out where it came from.

Your story unfolds in different ways based upon decisions you as a player make, throughout the game.”

Every interaction between characters is done in rhyme, which is something I see more and more in games and really enjoy. Graphically, the game, despite being in 2D, looks full of life. What’s more, it looks grimy to me, which I think suits it.

You can check I fell from Grace on Steam. It will release in Q4 2017.

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