HyperParasite – Preview

This week the office was swallowed by a black mass and taken back to the 80’s with the newest twin-stick shooter twisted out by Troglobytes Games, HyperParasite.

HyperParasite has most of your staples of the genre, power ups and character upgrades a plenty to improve that rogue-like run time. The main twist however this time, is the ability to consume and transform into ones enemies.

Once you have beaten a mobs respective mini boss, taken it’s brain and paided the fee to unlock it. You’ll be able to consume any of it’s underlings to transform. Each transformation unlocks the different abilities that come with it. Starting with 3 characters in the beginning, you’ll slowly unlock more as the stages progress, all of which are unlocked through grinding and bullet hell dodging maneuvers for future playthroughs.

While HyperParasite didn’t hold my attention for long periods of time, it’s stylized eye catching flair, means you’ll find yourself returning to the 80’s for repeated playthroughs during it’s early access period.
Hopefully this means in time it’ll combine into a must have title by the end.

If your interested in HyperParasite you can find in Early Access for $12.95 Aud or your regional equivalent here.

Our thanks goes to Troglobytes Games for providing us with a parasite to observe for this review.

~ Aaron Nicholls

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