Hyper Light VR Look #1

Every month, hundreds of new indies enter the market. While it would be awesome if all of them could have their own, dedicated review or preview, we unfortunately do not have the time or space to do that in a timely manner. Instead, we offer you Hyper Light Look, our new series of feature articles where we take a quick look at some new indie games.

This is dedicated to VR games only.

Fruit Ninja VR

Did you ever want to weild a couple katanas? Well here’s your chance!

Fruit Ninja VR puts you in the shoes of a warrior tasked with cutting fruit using two katanas. Fruit will fly in your face and all you have to do is slice them. Slicing multiple with one cut gets you more points and other combos go more or less like that.

Simple, fun, to the point. Fruit Ninja VR is probably one of the staples that every VR headset owner should have in their library. The game might be repetitive but it is most definitely the go-to title for having people see how much fun VR games can be as well as a way for getting newbies to get used to the VR controllers.

The game is available on Steam for the price of 14,99€.

Rating: 7.4/10

Worth looking at because it’s the perfect game to have in your library if you want to introduce someone to the intense action VR games can have through the use of the VR controllers.


If you ever wondered how it feels to play that game with bikes that those guys played in the TRON movies, then you are in luck. QBike is that sort of game.

Ride your bike around, jump and accelerate while leaving behind you a trail that acts as a wall for any other players tries to go through it, destroying them and sending them into oblivion. Try your best to outmaneuver your opponents in a game of speed and road tactics while enjoying the ride of your life. The game is also available for non-VR users, so although there is not that many players on the servers playing it, you could have some of your non-VR friends playing it too for some fun multiplayer times.

The game plays really well on VR and is actually quite entertaining to be steering the bike while trying to avoid your opponents’ trail-walls. Air-time with the bike feels quite exhilarating and does not make you sick (like many other VR games actually do).

The game is available on Steam for VR and for non-VR.

Rating: 7.6/10

Worth looking at because you like Tron and fun multiplayer games that you can play with people that do not have VR as well.

Ultimate Booster Experience

Same developers as Qbike, only this time, this is a very standard-ish VR experience game. It is a pretty cool thing to load up if you want to show what VR looks like (as well as how dizzy it can make you). Other than that though, it is quite a short experience and it gets boring after the first couple of times you try it for yourself.

The game is available on Steam for the price of 4,99€.

Rating: 3.2/10

Worth looking at because you want to have a cheap, standard experience of how VR feels when you need to show it to friends.

EscapeVR: The Basement

Just like most other Escape Room VR experiences, the Basement is Five Mind Creations’ take on the genre.

There is not much to be said, other than the fact that for the price of just a few bucks, you will get the full Escape Room experience in the comfiness of your own room. For about an hour at least too.

The game is available on Steam for the price of 8,99€.

Rating: 7.0/10

Worth looking at because you like escape room experiences and you want to have one from the comfiness of your own house.

~Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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