Hyper Light Look: Co-Op #1

Every month, hundreds of new indies enter the market. While it would be awesome if all of them could have their own, dedicated, review or preview, we unfortunately do not have the time or space to do that in a timely manner.

Instead, today we offer you a Hyper Light Look into some Co-Op titles, that you may might not be aware of or have enjoyed in the past and could use a revisit.

Helldivers – A New Hell Expansion

( 1 – 4 Players )

Helldivers is one of those beloved games that just keeps on giving, way after its release back in 2015. The game is still giving out new expansions with the latest addition being “A New Hell”. The expansion is a breath of fresh air for new as well as veteran players with harder difficulties, new enemies, new supply drops and even more ways to kill your friends. Kelfecil and I enjoyed an afternoon of twin stick shooting with this brand new chaos and would recommend you pick up this gem with your friends if you haven’t already. Just remember to pour yourself a nice cup of LIBER-TEA!!!

Helldivers is available on steam for $19.99 USD or your regional equivalent.

Score: 9/10

Bleed 2

( 1 – 2 Players )

With a little bit of time on our hands I had the chance to sit down with a friend of mine (Souptea) and try out Bleed 2 on co-op. A cute little game, solo developed by Ian Campbell. Bleed 2 drops you into the purple haired life of Wyrn who is tasked with saving the world again. You of course do that with your trusty sword and pistols.

Bleed 2’s mechanics are relatively simple allowing you to deflect certain bullets back at your opponents for additional damage and shoot them from afar, much like arcade shooters of old. The unique twist on this being that your partner can reflect the bullets you can’t, turning the average gaming session into a fun team based exercise where you are constantly trying to protect one another from incoming damage. Sharing a health bar proves challenging but with the powers to slow down time for a few seconds and dash/fly out of the way, maneuvering through this bullet hell is an entertaining experience. The game also has an array of different game modes to try out with various mutators, making it more interesting and giving it more replay value.

I would defiantly recommend you grab it for a coffee break with friends next time they are around.

Bleed 2 is available on steam for $9.99 USD or your regional equivalent

Score: 7.1/10

We Need to Go Deeper

( 1 – 4 players – Early Access )

There’s a lot to be said about We need to go deeper, as it descends further and further into the sea of early access. My friend and I took a look at it to see if the submersible was close to resurfacing with the chow down update.
The game sports a great time with friends, laughing and rushing about a sinking sub, dealing with disasters, but it’s much more aimed at being that ice breaker game before a hardcore session of another heavier game with your mates rather than the main course. Still we’ll have to check back in with it frequently since every update brings this game closer and closer to our hearts being buried in Davy Jones’ locker.

We Need To Go Deeper is available on steam for 9.99 USD or your regional equivalent.

Score: 5.7/10

Golf With your Friends

It’s 10 pm on a Saturday night and it is too early to call it quits but too late to get into something serious. What do we do now? Why not “Golf with your Friends”?

Golf With Your Friends sounds like a very mundane game on paper but with a host of customization options from golf ball shapes, to player made courses, it sports a surprisingly large selection of hilarity as a few hours slip by unnoticed while your friends laugh at your low gravity cube missing the hole for the 310th time.

Golf with your friends is available on steam for 5.99 USD or your regional equivalent.

Score: 7.3/10

~Aaron Nicholls

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