Hyper Light Look #6

Every month, hundreds of new indies enter the market. While it would be awesome if all of them could have their own, dedicated review or preview, we unfortunately do not have the time or space to do that in a timely manner. Instead, we offer you Hyper Light Look, our new series of feature articles where we take a quick look at some new indie games.

Power Hover

Power Hover is an action/racing game where you control a robot on a hoverboard. Your goal is to navigate through over 35 stages filled with all kinds of hazards while gathering batteries to power up your robot village. You control the game using the left and right arrows, and your robot will glide to the direction you choose, avoiding the obstacles. “Glide” is the important word here, since your robot won’t immediately stop, but instead it will happen rather incrementally. This creates a nice element of anticipation, you will need to learn how the robot hovers with each button press and where it will exactly move.

The world feels barren, desolate and beautiful in its own term. While playing I felt at times calm and at times focused on the hazards ahead of me. At all times I felt alone in my own head space, which to me is a positive. The mid tempo ambient/retrowave/cyberpunk inspired music also helps a lot to create and enhance this feeling. All in all, this is a very nice little indie game, totally worth the asking price if you want to play something chill and casual but with some challenge too (especially in the late levels). You can find Power Hover on Steam for the price of 4,99€.

Score : 7/10
~Dimitris “Dimi Kaye” Kalyvas

PAKO – Car Chase Simulator

PAKO as the name implies is a car chase simulation, where you control a car and you try to avoid the cops in various stages and under different circumstances. PAKO is a time trial game, your goal is to last as long as possible and that’s the way you unlock the next stages. During your run you can pick up various power ups that can help you last a few precious seconds more.

The game offers some pretty interesting challenges, like driving backwards and trying to find the way out of a ring full of cars, trying to dodge them all as fast as possible. Besides unlocking all the stages and playing the challenges there’s not much more to do here. PAKO doesn’t last long but it is enjoyable for the short time you will spend with it. You can find PAKO – Car Chase Simulation on Steam for the price of 4,99€.

Score : 6/10
~Dimitris “Dimi Kaye” Kalyvas

Noir Syndrome

Noir Syndrome is an investigative adventure that takes place in the prohibition era, presented in a visual style that reminds us the Atari 2600 games. You play the role of a detective that tries to find who is the serial killer in the city by visiting places, searching and gathering clues. The clues you gather will let you know to which kind of person they belong, e.g. A cook, a police officer etc.

As you gather more and more, you will be able to deduct who might have done it and then accuse them for the crimes. You have a certain timeframe of twelve days in order to save the case and every time you visit an area, a day passes. Also, each time you search something, you lose hunger points and if you lose many, you might die of hunger.

The idea is interesting but there are many problems with the gameplay. You don’t know which places to search, there isn’t an indication that lets you know if there’ll be an item there, so you mostly go around spamming Z in case you find something interesting. That makes you hungry and without noticing you might have to visit an area that has food and lose a day of investigation.

The characters are there just for show, they just accuse each other and they don’t have proper dialogue to immerse you in the case and the world. In general, Noir Syndrome is not that enjoyable and it doesn’t last long. There isn’t anything to keep you interested in the case or the world and, even though each time the case is different, the gameplay ends up being boring.
You can find Noir Syndrome on Steam for the price of 6,99€.

Score : 4,5/10
~Dimitris “Dimi Kaye” Kalyvas

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