Hyper Light Look #14

Every month, hundreds of new indies enter the market. While it would be awesome if all of them could have their own, dedicated review or preview, we unfortunately do not have the time or space to do that in a timely manner. Instead, we offer you Hyper Light Look, our series of feature articles where we take a quick look at some new indie games.

198X – Part 1 ?

198X, is a arcade based nostalgic journey, proudly designed by Hi-Bit Studios. One which you can currently blur through fully in an afternoon.
If the old days of arcades drew you in as a kid, you’ll find 198X has a nice rhythm to it with which it’s variety of titles, easily allows you to slip back into that comfort zone of youthful days, spent down at the local arcade.

Although 198X isn’t the longest experience, it’s voice acting, combine with it’s digital soundtrack. Make for a very relaxing walk, through it’s current 5 arcade machine driven experience. However buyers should be aware that due to development issues, the entirety of 198X will not be released until sometime next year.

If you’ve got a spare Quarter and an afternoon to kill, their are few retro options as beautiful in design as 198X. I do hope it’s full release next year goes about fleshing out this current offering.

Score: 6/10

Predicted Score After Updated: 8/10

198X is currently available on steam for $14.50 AUD or your regional equivalent here.
It can also be found on Ps4 by the end of the month, Nintendo Switch and Xbox are scheduled for next year.

Special thanks goes to Hi-Bit Studio’s for providing us with a copy of 198X for this review.

Dark Future: Blood Red States

Dark Future: Blood Red States, is a game which i really wished i could like more. As it stands, it’s a cute resurrection of the classic table top game, one released by Games workshop back in 1988!

Unfortunately, as hard as Auroch Digital has tried. The game suffers from one major flaw when designing this mad max inspired landscape, the source material.

The material they have based the game around, isn’t really fleshed out enough to create a deeply complex video game on it’s own. As the original source materials flaws, were far easily overlooked when it was released. The flaws therefore, are really highlighted in this game concept. Auroch Digital, really had to go above and beyond the source material to provide this title with meaningful depth and they didn’t. Ultimately leading to Dark Future feeling a bit shallow gameplay wise.

As it stands Dark Furture: Blood Red States feels like a warts and all recreation of the original tabletop game. One that fans or time travelers alike can enjoy for themselves at their leisure. However Caution is advised outside of that demographic, as this title hits a few snags along the highway of success.

Score: 6/10

Dark Future: Blood Red States is available on steam for $ 35.95 AUD or your regional equivalent here.

Special thanks goes to Auroch Digital for providing us with a copy of Dark Future: Blood Red States for this review

Second hand: Frankie’s Revenge

Second hand: Frankie’s Revenge, first impressions left me feeling like Rikodu had made a very confusing Co-Op mess, rather then a standout title. Although I’d like to remain positive about the possible progress of such an early title, Frankies currently feels like it’s suffering an identity crisis. It’s inconsistent mix of unfleshed mechanics makes progression feel like a grind. Rather then a fun wacky adventure.

After a few hours of cosmetic random box’s mixed with gimmicky levels. I feel Frankie’s needs alot more work in it’s early access state, before I can fully recommend it.

Wait for the updates or buy it on sale.

Score: 3/10

Predicted Score After Updates: 5/10

Second hand: Frankie’s Revenge is available on steam for $22.95 AUD or your regional equivalent here.

Special thanks goes to Rikodu for providing us with a copy of Second hand: Frankie’s Revenge for this review


100 endings and jokes at every turn?
Where’s Lach to review this along with a pizza, when you need him?

Reventure, is clearly inspired by the legend of zelda series. As the game clearly takes great glee, in taking the traditional save the princess from the castle formula and presenting very real twisted consequences. The reward this time however, are the multiple different slap stick endings.

Overall, Reventure feels like the classic satire. Something to break up your every day gaming with a bit of a giggle, With an added Inventory weight management system, you’ll find unexpected difficulty in achieving some of these more major endings too, at the price of 11.50 it’s worth a look.

Score: 6.5/10

Reventure is available on steam for $11.50 AUD or your regional equivalent here.

Special thanks goes to Pixelatto for providing us with a copy of Reventure for this review

~Aaron Nicholls

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