Hyper Light Look #1

Every month, hundreds of new indies enter the market. While it would be awesome if all of them could have their own, dedicated review or preview, we unfortunately do not have the time or space to do that in a timely manner. Instead, we offer you Hyper Light Look, our new series of feature articles where we take a quick look at some new indie games.

Ultimate Solid

Face a plethora of puzzle stages in a game where you are basically controlling a little cube and how it gets to be thrown around. Hurl it into safety by avoiding various hazards and try to navigate the tricky stages that get progressively harder by learning the physics of your cube more and more as you move on.

Ultimate Solid is your standard puzzle / platformer game with minimalistic graphics. There is not much to be said about it, other than the fact that the gameplay plays very fluidly and halfway through the game, you will find yourself expertly navigating your little cube since you will get better at the game the more you play. It is one of those little titles that you should definitely look into if you are a fan of these games, since it is yet another bang for your buck title, offering a lot of quality content that will keep you for hours and hours to come.

Ultimate Solid is available on Steam at the price of 5.99€.

Rating: 6.3/10

Worth looking at because…you like puzzle platformers and enjoy such a game that is filled with tons of stages to keep you busy.

Orange Adventure

The game is at its core a tribute to platformer games that marked the golden age of awesome games that went by the Nintendo Entertainment System and the SEGA Megadrive. Indio Games allow players to travel through 8 different areas both on ground and in the air, through various conditions in an effort to complete 40 missions that the game offers.

In my personal opinion, one of the things that the game fails on, is the continuous repetition of having to gather components in every stage without having any mini-boss battles or anything in between in the meantime. There is therefore no actual challenge to its most part and even though 40 stages do give a lot of content to play with, doing the same thing again and again does get tiring after a while. The title sort of lost me after having to repeat the same process for what felt like the hundredth time.

Indio Games tried its best to bring us the scent of one of those good, olden platformer games of yore and it will most certainly give you quite a few hours of fun before it starts getting tiring and soulless in a way. Despite the various spices that Orange adds to his gameplay through the game, it feels as if the game needed something more in order to keep up with the excitement that it brings at the start of it. If you are hardcore fans of the genre then you should most definitely look into it.

Orange Adventure is available on Steam at the price of 5.99€.

Rating: 6.3/10

Worth looking at because…you like platformers that keep things plain and simple, allowing you to relax and enjoy the run.


I have tried out quite a lot of Tower Defense games, but there are not that many that allow you to enjoy destroying little cute kittens. Actually, Kittypocalypse is the only one and it makes us feel good about destroying alien kitties. It sounds wrong, but is actually as adorable as a game that is filled with cute looking cats can get.

Apart from the cute looking 3D graphics that the game has, the gameplay is quite standard and pretty much what one would expect from a standard Tower Defense game. There is quite a few things to learn about how to build up your defense on each map, since the combination of various weapons and specific upgrades will give you a win when others will make you struggle. If you think the game is easy (which is not by the way), then you can always try doing the challenges which in many cases have to do with you having to spend only a certain amount of money and still go through the stage successfully. The way we can roam around with the camera and see things either from really far away or from up close is quite interesting and adds a nice dimension to the game.

The game’s only drawback for me was the fact that it plays very slow. We have the option of bringing another wave before its spawn timer starts but despite that, there was no fast-forward button to speed up the battles and go through things faster. I found myself playing quite a few stages but soon enough got tired of how slow things were going. I knew what kind of towers I needed and where I needed them and despite the fact that I wanted to experiment a bit more, the slow speed of the game did not make me feel comfortable to do so, since if I failed I would have to go through all of these slow first waves again.

If you are a tower defense games enthusiast then Kittypocalypse could very easily find a spot in your library. If you are not, the game might tire you out fast after just a few stages, which is quite sad, considering how much there is to explore with weapons and all that.

Kittypocalypse is available on Steam for the price of 14,99€ (7,49€ at the moment).

Rating: 6.7/10

Worth looking at because…you enjoy Tower Defense games and you also love cute looking kittens.

Stellar Stars

Stellar Stars is a platformer shooter mix that will most definitely bring some fun to the party mix of games that you might already have, but unfortunately falls short on many other parts. It has a very hardcore single player mode where patience is a virtue if you want to see it through even for just its first world. The multiplayer part is of course somewhat better and the studio behind it has as gone as to offer online play too. They actually focus on the online part a lot by introducing updates and constant news on it. However, having tried for at least a couple weeks in a row, I was not able to find that many players to play with online and therefore did not get much of the online multiplayer experience.

The title does have quite a bit of content for a game of its kind, but those are only easily explored if you can find people to play with. If you are thinking about checking out Stellar Stars though, it would be best if you do so with a friend in local multiplayer mode.

Rating: 4.2/10

Worth looking at because…you enjoy multiplayer brawler games of any kind and you also like solo challenges once in a while.

Tank You!

Remember those good old arcade games where you just jumped into action and enjoyed some very fun gameplay through various levels, that is constantly exploring the same mechanics with different twists now and then? Well, TankYou! is exactly that and a bit more. This is the sort of title that you would go back to for some casual fun, either solo or with friends on multiplayer. The premise is pretty simple; you control a tank, you are thrown in a map and you have to complete certain very simple objectives.

The destructible environment, the easy to learn and master controls and the various fun upgrades that we can pick up, make the game a very pleasant experience allowing the player to even complete it in one sitting without getting tired at all. There were a few issues here and there, such as that of the final boss where it basically takes the player way too much time to finish the stage due to having to rely to totally randomly generated effects that are needed to defeat the boss. Other than those few issues though, TankYou! looks and plays beautifully and is definitely worth your time if you like tanks and shooting stuff non-stop.

Rating: 7.3/10

Worth looking at because…you like tanks and arcade-style games that are just simple and fun.

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