How Do You Know Mr. Blue – Preview

Narrative detective games are a beloved sub genre, combining interesting story lines with puzzle solving using mostly logic. Winteractive is bringing us the prologue of How Do You Know Mr. Blue, their own foray into this style of games.

In How Do You Know Mr. Blue you take the role of a private investigator hired by the C-corp megacorporation to track down the missing employee Mr. Blue. You do that by talking to his colleagues and to higher ups of the megacorporation. The problem is that no one is willing to cooperate and no one seems to like each other, so you will have to pry the answers from them.

How you do that is by finding contradictions to their statements. You begin by asking basic questions and you catalogue their answers to your computer. Then you compare statements that you feel contradict themselves in order to push the individuals and move the investigation further.

Immediately I could see that this prologue/demo is very well made, from the visual style to the voice over and the reveal of mystery. The art has that bleak, surreal feel that reminded me a bit of Salad Fingers. Together with the sparse audio create a similar atmosphere, not that extremely deranged though. All in all, it adds to the immersion.

I was taken aback from the work the developers did with the voice acting. The characters speak naturally with proper inflations to their voices depending on what is going on and their voices fit well with each character we see on screen, which is a sign of really good work. This was a really pleasant surprise, especially for a demo version that is available for free. The writing is very well made, it starts slowly and becomes increasingly interesting with each conversation. The story is more based on reality and something that could actually happen than science fiction and over the top events. At least in this prologue.

Finding contradictions takes some time because you have a lot of information on your pc and sifting through it after a while felt like a chore. Somewhere in the middle I didn’t feel like I was actually arriving in the conclusions myself, I was just blindingly trying to compare statements and hoping to luckily find the contradiction. After that middle part it clicked and I could finish the prologue easily. I believe there’s too much information in the beginning for the player to wrap their heads around it and even though I know this info will be important in the full version of the game, at the moment it feels like a lot.

All in all, How Do You Know Mr. Blue is a very nice surprise in the field of narrative based detective games and this prologue/demo version is well made and definitely worth playing. You can download How Do You Know Mr. Blue for free on or if you want to support the development, you can pay your own price. I can’t wait for the full version.

~Dimitris “Dimi Kaye” Kalyvas

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