Hover Grease – Alpha Preview

Last week Hover Grease released it’s initial Private Alpha. The game is a top down twin-stick shooter, created by Altergaze and sports a unique blend of Futuristic Cyberpunk with anthropomorphic killers.

HoverGrease Alpha Release Teaser (12th December 2018)

Our private alpha is starting tomorrow, 12th December 2018. You can still sign up for access on our website or join our Discord at //discord.gg/U6QxNw

Geplaatst door HoverGrease op Dinsdag 11 december 2018

Hover Grease’s Primary theme is centered around Multiplayer only team based violence. Each character has it’s own individual stats and abilities that make it suited for specific play style’s in the combat arena. This keeps things fresh and interesting throughout subsequent games, as you’ll switch around to discover what works for you.

So far the list of characters features, rats,chickens,pigs,frogs and a fox, along with 6 unique types of varying guns. The variants of these weapons widely ranging from tradition projectile based weapons to futuristic laser guns.

In the stages of early alpha the game sports 3 modes, 4v4 team elimination, 4v4 team death match and free for all all contained inside a relatively small map making for rather fast quick and chaotic matches.

While still in it’s early stages of development Hover Grease is shaping up to be an interesting addition to twin-stick shooter genre. With additional modes, characters and weapons looking to be added in the future, we’ll be sure to return to see what surprises it still holds.¬†

If your hungry for more information on the project, you can head over to Altergaze’s official website for HoverGrease¬†here.

~ Aaron Nicholls

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