Holocafe, first VR cafe coming to Germany

Oliver Eberlei talked to us about all kinds of things during Gamescom 2016, but one of the most exciting ones was the Holocafe. “It’s basically a brick and mortar store that will open in Dusseldorf and will act as a VR arcade with multiplayer games.”

This idea, sounds way more amazing than it actually is, because Oliver is also an indie game developer and knows all too well how fun it is to make games for VR. “It’s so much fun, there are so many new projects in VR,” says Oliver. With that in mind, he plans to have all sorts of multiplayer games in a cafe that people can come into and enjoy VR games with their group of friends. “It is a really good reason to have in order to develop VR games.”

“We always try to have stable funding through other means when making games,” explains Oliver, when we asked him about the costs of such development efforts. He told us that there are a lot of indie game companies that go all out when making a game and don’t allow themselves to have a safety net at all. However, Oliver has worked on quite a few projects already and knows the risks, the ins and outs of such an effort.

Most people just want to have fun and it’s just that fact alone that drives Oliver. The Holocafe will launch on the 10th of September in a shopping mall in the center of the city. The cafe will be there for 3 months operating as a “beta test” in order to see how successful it can be, before investing all in.

Oliver left us with the remark that, “it is going to be a huge playground of new-age modern hardware!”

For a full game list that will be available to play, plus info about reservations and prices you can check the Holocafe website. Follow the official Twitter account and like the Facebook page to be kept updated for more info on this incredible idea. If you are a virtual reality game or content developer on HTC Vive you can contact Holocafe at developers (at) holocafe (dot) de for future and exciting opportunities.

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  1. November 1, 2016

    […] According to the announcement of Holocafe’s official Facebook page, the visitors will be able to try exclusive exclusive multi-player VR experiences with friends. If you would like to try out Holocafe with your friends, you will be able to pre-order your ticket soon. We wrote about Holocafe during Gamecom 2016 as well and we had the chance to speak with the mind behind this idea. […]

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