Herolike: The recipe for how to be a hero from Games Hut

Games Hut gives us the secret recipe for how to be a hero on their newest game, Herolike.

Herolike is now available on Steam for 7.99€ and is a hack n’ slash roguelike RPG that puts you in the shoes of a powerful hero on the rise!

Make your own creative decisions in epic battle encounters, ponder moral choices, acquire fantastical items, and even customize your own town. The world you are thrown in is held together by the Earth Stone, an ancient powerful mechanism. Of course, Evil wants to corrupt this artifact in order to bring destruction to the world. Take your chosen hero into the adventure, learn from your mistakes, make your actions known throughout the land and vanquish Evil.

Herolike has many features such as:

  • Full randomized world map: determine the optimum path to maximize your success chances
  • Four types of random encounters: hack ‘n’ slash fights, artifact defense, boss fights and RPG based choice missions.
  • Five character classes to choose from: Guardian, Barbarian, Hunter, Shaman and Trickster
  • 30 unique enemies (including 3 bosses): each with their own strengths and weaknesses to learn and exploit
  • 7 distinct locations based on thematic biomes and dungeons
  • 8 buildings to construct in your own town which persistent from one game to another
  • Random environmental hazards like cold, darkness, exploding mines and even killer fog!
  • Random treasure chests or power-ups with immediate benefits for your hero
  • Tons of items to purchase: swords, axes, shields, staffs, off-hand focuses, rune stones, potions, explosives, etc.
  • Statistics system that tracks your progress in the current game as well as for all the games played from day one
  • Steam Achievements and Trading Cards

For more news and updates about Herolike follow the game on Steam, Facebook and Twitter.

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