Heroes of Loot 2 Review

Orangepixel’s newest game is based on the original Heroes of Loot. The idea is that you enter a series of  randomly generated dungeons with two heroes and try to complete as many of them as possible and eventually reach the final boss, but if you die you have to start all over again. While in the dungeons you can collect some special items, which unlock additional heroes, who may prove more helpful in completing the 50 levels of the game.

The heroes are split into two categories, ranged and melee and at each run through the dungeons you can possess one of each. When first starting out you will have an elf archer and an old wizard on the ranged category, while the melee category offers a warrior and a valkyrie. When you find all the hero cards you can unlock the thief and the mage on the ranged and on the melee the barbarian and the paladin. Each hero features a different playstyle and may serve better than the others in specific circumstances, but you cannot swap heroes midgame. You need to lose and start again in order to change your team.

Most levels require a quest to be completed before you can progress to the next one, such as finding a key or blowing the walls surrounding an iron door with a bomb. Others can be simply completed by reaching the exit and since all the levels are randomly generated you will never know what to expect next. What is more, some levels are “Arena Levels” and offer an increased challenge, since only one of your hero may enter and you have to face a couple of very powerful monsters or many weaker ones.

In general, the game is very fast paced and the monsters come in big waves which are awesome to annihilate with the melee classes. The ranged heroes are cool too, but nothing compares to a moving whirlwind cutting down demons and bats. While playing, the heroes level up and become more powerful and resistant to attacks and can also utilize special items which boost their attacks for a short time. There are also magic items which you collect in pieces and grant some special powers like resurrection when you die.

While the game is very enjoyable the first time you play, I found it incredibly difficult to play again after dying. I simply could not find enough variety to keep me entertained for long, even though each level is randomly generated. All levels feel very similar to each other and occasionally you may stumble upon a very unique level. What is more, at the first few levels the game goes very slowly and the wait until the further, faster levels is killing all the fun for me. However, that is the case for most dungeon crawler games and I can’t be too harsh on Heroes of Loot 2 because of that. Also, in order to unlock other heroes you need to play a lot and I mean a LOT of times, since they need around 40 cards each and in my experience I found 1 card every five or six levels, and not of the same hero. I believe that the game would be much more interesting if you could unlock faster the additional heroes.

On the more technical side now, I have to say that I am simply in love with the game’s art style. I am a major fun of pixel art graphics and the game nails that in my opinion. The game looks very polished, with good shading work and flawless animations. Great work has also been done on the music, which feels very atmospheric and immersive and fits quite well the setting of the game.

You can find Heroes of Loot 2 on Steam for 9.99€ and on a much better price on Google Play and iTunes for 4,89€ and $3.99 respectively.


Heroes of loot 2 is a very well made game, which offers a great challenge and many hours of gameplay. With many heroes to choose from, although most are initially locked, randomly generated levels and a great variety of monsters you will be never left without something to do. An aesthetically pleasing game, with some great pixel art work. The only thing that bothered me was the repetitiveness of most levels and the amount of time needed to unlock additional heroes.

+ Amazing work on aesthetics

+ A very challenging game

Gets quite repetitive

Additional heroes take too long to unlock

Score: 7,5/10

Dimitris “Onel” Zarachanis

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