Heavy Impact: A brawler game with a lot of steel

With VR experience and hands with real steel, Studio Captivate bring us Heavy Impact, a VR boxing game with robots who fight each other in a post-apocalyptic world.

The game provides to players multiple stages, opponents, fighting modes and styles to be the ultimate fighter and conquer on the arenas. The developers will release an Early Access version on Steam with HTC Vive support and are also planning to make it available for Oculus. Heavy Impact’s Early Access version includes:

  • Virtual Reality Fighter
  • Measured Punch Strength and Speed
  • Time Slowing Mechanic for Combos (Or to avoid being combo’d)
  • Lightning shock overcharge fist module
  • Multiple Arenas and Play Modes

For more info about Heavy Impact follow the game on Facebook, Twitter and IndieDB.

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