Grimm & Tonic – What it’s like bar tending at DEAD-END

Grimm & Tonic is a deathly interesting bar tending sim created by the likes of Spritewrench.
Following the story of You?… After Your Death?!

After working yourself stiff in a job you hate, you wake to discover you’ve passed into the afterlife during your sleep. In life though you didn’t really live, so when Death comes to claim your soul, he’s puzzled by the fact you have no soul to reap.

Confused by what the next best course of action is, he puts you to work in his establishment the Dead-End. This is where our story settles to take place in it’s 7 chapters, with you tending to the same sort of 9 to 5 in death, as you suffered through in life. It’s not all bad though, with interesting patrons and the ability to summon drinks into existence, you’ll have plenty to keep busy until death finds a solution.

In practice Grimm & Tonic, plays much like the beginning of a standard bar tending simulator. Having you tasked with the various challenges to make your intriguing patrons, feel more fulfilled by the time they leave the bar. The first and only chapter on offer so far, paints a nice introduction to this world, laying the groundwork for a promising game to come.

Hopefully Spritewrench, can utilize their idea to great effect and craft a unique bar tending simulator on the level of it’s competitors in the coming months. They certainly have the world setup for a success.

Grimm & Tonic is currently available in Early Access for 14.50 AUD or your regional equivalent here.

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