Good night, Knight – Preview

Good night, Knight is a top down dungeon crawler featuring a stealth system and stamina-based combat. Alongside this is a lite rouge-like element of proceduly generating the environment after each death so each attempt is a fresh layout.

The basis of the game is that you are a knight (I named mine Lacotron, after myself) who has fallen from a tower to the bottom, because that’s how gravity works. The player then meets multple people that will aid him in restoring the elevaor as they progress up the tower, one of which was supposed to be the next hero, but you’re still alive so that’s out of the question (You can name this character too, I named them Sir Cloud, after some nerd i know.)

While it is still in evelopment, the ammount of content on offer is still nothing to sneeze at. With around 70 unique items, one whole area that is randomly generated with unique enemies, and groundwork for the games ongoing narrative, this game’s early content is still  fun to sink your meaty claws into.

With the free demo avalible there is really no reason to ignore this game altogether, and by supporting the developers you will gain access to all content as it is released, and when the full game drops it is sure to please.

~Lachlan Lamey

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